Acid Stained Concrete

Acid stained Concrete with custom stampingLehmicke Construction provides acid staining of new and existing concrete work.

Acid staining works well for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces, and is a wonderful way to update a concrete floor or add color to your home. Acid stains come in earthy tones including browns, greens and blues. Construction professionals can further customize your results by mixing two stains together or applying multiple coats of concrete stain. When applying acid staining to new concrete, we recommend that you allow the new concrete to cure first. Sealers are sensitive to moisture, so allowing the excess moisture to set ensures a better result.

How acid staining works

The liquid acid stain goes on over the concrete surface, creating a chemical reaction with the minerals that make up concrete and adding pigmentation to the concrete surface. Because of the way in which the stain penetrates the concrete, the concrete surface takes on a rich marbled tone. The end result is quite striking and no two floors coated with the same stain will look the same.

To get the richest color penetration across the concrete surface, our contractors will clean your floor, driveway or walkway before starting work. When acid stain is applied to a dirty surface, the color will not seep in and the results will be less vivid than usual. After applying the stain and allowing the stain to set, our professional contractors will clean the area so the concrete can be sealed. This seals in the color and protects your concrete surface from chips, scratches and other cosmetic wear and tear.

Lehmicke Custom Concrete - stamped concreteYou can apply acid stain to smooth or textured surfaces. You just have to know what you’re doing. When properly applied, the color sets into the concrete particles and will not chip or fade over time. This makes concrete staining a unique way to add value to your home. But, because acid staining concrete is permanent, and the chemicals used are caustic, we highly recommend you hire a professional to clean, apply the stain, and seal your concrete floors. There is no going back once the acid stain has been applied and small imperfections in application will be visible.

Lehmicke Construction can also recommend a maintenance program for your concrete floor to help preserve the color and finish through everyday wear and tear, winter weather, and long-term sun exposure.

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