Concrete Pool Decks

custom concrete pool deckLong Minnesota winters leave residents with only a few months to enjoy the warmth of summer and Minnesotans are keen on taking advantage of that valuable opportunity. Despite its status as the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is dotted by even more backyard pools. Backyard pools offer an easy means of relaxation, or, on humid days, an escape from the heat.

In-ground pools can also add to the appeal of a home, so it goes without saying that homeowners want to not only have a durable but beautiful decking around that pool to enhance the leisure space.

Custom Concrete as a Pool Deck Option

Half the fun of a pool is the opportunity to lounge with a glass of lemonade while your kids goof off in the water. A high-quality pool deck is an absolute necessity for such endeavors, and while there are plenty of material options for pool decks, many homeowners find concrete to be the most practical and affordable because of their potential to weather the MN elements better than other materials when installed properly. Plus, concrete gives the homeowner a variety of ways to ‘decorate’ that pool deck design in a way other materials just can’t match.


Why Concrete Pool Decks?

decorative concrete pool deckKeeping a pool deck clean is no easy task, but the presence of a concrete surrounding can prove helpful when it comes to year-round maintenance. When dingy snow and slop pile up in the winter months, a concrete surface makes the cleaning process far less of a hassle.

Concrete pool decks offer a number of other important advantages in addition to the resolving of typical maintenance woes. As a slip-resistant surface, concrete ensures that younger pool users remain safe at all times, preventing the falls responsible for so many devastating backyard injuries. Concrete can also serve as a surprisingly stylish option for your expertly navigated backyard, with intricate new designs turning the pool deck concept on its head.


Lehmicke Construction is your Minnesota Pool Deck Expert

At Lehmicke Construction, we take great pride in offering the absolute best concrete work in the Twin Cities. Our crews make a point of maintaining professionalism in both appearance and manner. We’re eager to create the perfect concrete pool deck for your backyard and, in doing so, enhance your family’s summer recreation experience.